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10th Anniversary

The Colorado Health Institute (CHI) celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2012. As part of the celebration we launched a community project called "A Picture of Health: Colorado 2012".


The Colorado Health Institute (CHI) marked its 10th anniversary with the publication of a photo book titled “Colorado: A Picture of Health.”

The book shows Coloradans on the front lines of health care - providers, patients, educators, students, volunteers and community health advocates. It covers the state from Montrose to Las Animas, from inner city Denver to the San Luis Valley. And it depicts all ages, from a minutes-old baby to seniors working to stay healthy and vibrant.

Here are some snapshots:

Midwife Shauna Jones welcoming Xavier John Clayton Waller into the world. Victoria Duncan, 32 and a single mom, facing cancer with courage and the support of her visiting nurses. Lee Walters, retired from restaurants but not from feeding people. Dr. Bethany Kolb, an accountant-turned-physician in the San Luis Valley, one answer to the question of who will care for rural Coloradans. Navy veterans Park and Gladys Beatty, married 66 years and living at a Colorado State Veterans Nursing Home, their service honored by creative and compassionate caregivers. First-grader Grace Gardner experiencing the summery taste of a tomato picked fresh from the community garden in Las Animas.

“This book is a gift back to the community for its support of CHI over the past 10 years,” said Michele Lueck, CHI’s president and CEO.

CHI, created ten years ago to help Colorado see its health care system more clearly, captured a unique and wide-ranging picture of health in Colorado in 2012.

These photos can help tell the story. They can help build understanding. They can help us work together to make Colorado a healthier place to live.


CHI was founded in 2002 to address a statewide need for sound health policy data and evidence-based analysis.  A feasibility study identified the gaps that CHI was created to address, particularly a demand for independent and impartial health care information to support sound decision-making.

A Memorandum of Understanding between three hospital conversion foundations – The Colorado Trust, Caring for Colorado Foundation and Rose Community Foundation – established CHI as a nonprofit corporation and provided initial funding.

Pamela P. Hanes, PhD, a respected leader in the health policy field, was selected as the first president and CEO of the organization, providing direction and leadership for more than seven years, from 2003 through 2010. Michele Lueck became CHI's second president and CEO in 2010.

Today, CHI plays an important and unique role within Colorado’s health policy community, serving as a trusted, nonpartisan advisor to a wide range of decision-makers. CHI identifies and gathers reliable data, provides authoritative interpretation and disseminates the data and analyses to state, community and philanthropic leaders who are tackling the critical health issues facing Colorado.

CHI facilitates collaborations and gatherings that promote policy discussions and solutions, communicates health policy information in innovative ways, makes numerous community presentations and serves as an information source for a full spectrum of stakeholders. CHI also conducts a legislative services program that provides support for Colorado’s lawmakers while helping them to learn the latest in health systems thinking, focus on longer-range planning and develop skills to make Colorado a leader in health policy.

From its beginning ten years ago, CHI has evolved into a vibrant organization that plays an important role in Colorado’s health care community. Today, funding is provided by the original three foundations – The Colorado Trust, Caring for Colorado Foundation and Rose Community Foundation – as well as The Colorado Health Foundation.

CHI places a great emphasis on evolving to meet the changing needs of Colorado’s policymakers. We look forward to the next ten years and beyond as health policy decisions help to create the framework of better health for all Coloradans.



Informing Policy. Advancing Health.

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