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Colorado Health Institute - Informing Policy. Advancing Health.

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CHI is a trusted and leading source of credible health information, data and analysis for Colorado health care leaders.

PowerPoint: The Colorado Health Institute, Who We Are and What We Do

CHI provides sophisticated, evidence-based information that can help policy-makers reach sound decisions. Our insight is used to inform policy, contribute to effective policy implementation and support state efforts to improve health.

CHI’s portfolio of work includes publications, legislative support, information requests, community presentations, policy analyses and thought leadership.

Research and analysis focuses on these six key areas of health and health care policy in Colorado:

  • Health care safety net
  • Health coverage and the uninsured
  • New models of health care
  • Health care workforce
  • Community health
  • Legislation and policy 

In addition to research in these content areas, CHI serves as a nonpartisan health information resource for Colorado legislators. By staying “above the political fray,” CHI provides objective analysis that policymakers on both sides of the aisle can use to make evidence-based decisions.

Strategic partnerships with stakeholders and health policy organizations allow CHI to contribute expertise to the current health policy discussions in Colorado.

Above all, CHI is a community resource. Call, email, tweet, or stop by—we’re happy to help.

Informing Policy. Advancing Health.

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