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School-Based Health Centers: A Lesson in Innovation
High school classes for teen moms, early childhood education for their little ones, and health care for both. It’s all available at the Florence Crittenton High School in... read more Add to My File Cabinet
Public Health in Peril? A Legislative Update
Health policy in Washington seems to be stalled as the new presidential administration takes shape. But health issues are well underway at the Colorado legislature. The... read more Add to My File Cabinet
Getting Granular: New CHI Model Estimates Access to Care at the Zip Code Level
Life’s hectic. One example: Seeing a doctor is sometimes easier said than done. Maybe you can’t find child care or are reluctant to ask the boss for time off.... read more Add to My File Cabinet
CHI Launches Project to Track Federal Health Policy
Repeal. Replace. Repair. Rebuild. All these “re” words are floating around Washington as Congress moves to get rid of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Today the... read more Add to My File Cabinet

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