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50 Days and Counting
We’re looking at our calendars a lot these days at the Colorado Health Institute. We count just 14 days until the election and just 50 days until our annual health policy... read more Add to My File Cabinet
Catching Up With Fall
Are you a state legislator, a staffer, an elected county official or a member of Colorado’s health policy community? Mark December 14 and 15 on your calendar for our... read more Add to My File Cabinet
Safety-Net, Sports and the End of Summer
The first week of August was chock-full of Olympians continuing to amaze the world. After another golden performance on Saturday, I now share a special connection with one... read more Add to My File Cabinet
If Michael Phelps Were a Country
Coloradans head to the polls in November to vote on Amendment 69, a constitutional amendment which would create a universal health care system called ColoradoCare. A new... read more Add to My File Cabinet

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