Affordability of Health Insurance in Colorado

The affordability of health insurance is a complicated issue of critical importance in Colorado and across the nation. Last month, The Colorado Trust published The Affordability of Health Insurance in Coloradoa report highlighting the troubles many face in affording health care coverage in Colorado. Results from the 2011 Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS) provide an important source of data about the status of affordability among the 829,000 uninsured Coloradans.

1. About 85 percent of uninsured Coloradans said they did not buy health insurance because it cost too much.

2. Being uninsured has immediate consequences:

  • 46.6% said they did not see a dentist for needed care due to cost
  • 38.0% said they did not see a doctor for needed care due to cost
  • 22.3% said they did not fill a prescription due to cost

3. Paying even a small amount for health insurance will be a hardship for some families. One of five uninsured Coloradans said they were unable to pay anything for health insurance. Of those who thought they could pay something, one of 10 said they were able and willing to pay, at most, between $1 and $25 a month.

Rebecca Silvernale is a senior data analyst at CHI.