Checking In Three Months Later: CHI's New Website

It’s been just over three months since CHI launched our new website and a lot has happened. The Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act and CHI was able to react quickly and post our brief on the website. We released publications on payment reform, adult health insurance status and rural physicians. Launched a webinar series. And announced our tenth anniversary.

The design of our website has given us the opportunity to present our expert analysis and insights in a new way. We can highlight new publications or events in the rotating banner on the homepage. New reports are organized by “Key Issues” and we are able to provide not only the publication itself, but also supporting data downloads, presentations and any related materials in one place.

We have a section for “Insights & Analysis”, where our expert staff provide short and sweet tidbits of information from our myriad research projects. Our blog is alive and well on the “Analysis with Altitude” page. Our CEO, Michele Lueck, gives regular updates about CHI and what we are thinking about here. We have a “What We’re Reading” section on the homepage to give visitors a glimpse into what we are talking about around the water cooler. And we’ve revamped our data section to give visitors even more access to usable data. Visitors can even add content to a personal “My File Cabinet” for easier access to information they use all the time.

Designing a new website can be an exhausting process as an organization tries to brand itself in the world. With our new site we hope to give people a glimpse into the dynamic inner-workings here at CHI. We want visitors to know our experts, to have an easy way to navigate all of our content and to leave more informed than when they came. And to be excited about health policy!

We are happy with our new site and want to hear what you think. So please explore, search, download, interact, subscribe and have fun. Then send us any comments (including constructive criticism!) about the new site. Happy learning!