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New CHI estimates: How many Colorado children are eligible but not enrolled in Medicaid or CHP+?

Each year, CHI estimates the number of uninsured Colorado children who are eligible for public health insurance programs but are not enrolled in them (EBNE). Using data from the 2010 American Community Survey, we looked at the number of kids EBNE in both Medicaid and the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+).

About 132,000 (or 10.3%) of Colorado children were uninsured in 2010, which is essentially the same as 2009. While a struggling economy has led to an increase in uninsured adults between 2008 and 2010, children’s uninsurance rates appear to have leveled off during this period. Part of this can be explained by higher enrollment in Medicaid and CHP+ (see Figure 1 of the fact sheet.)

Of these 132,000 children, two-thirds–or 82,000 children–were EBNE in Medicaid or CHP+ in 2010. This represents a small increase over our estimate for 2009 (78,000) but is substantially lower than the 2008  estimate (104,000).

This year’s estimates are available in three formats:

  • For highlights of the 2010 estimates, download CHI’s updated fact sheet.
  • Enrollment rates vary greatly across Colorado communities. For county-level estimates of the number of EBNE children in your community, check out our data supplement.
  • And, for the die-hard data fans, we have an online-only methodology document that walks you through the assumptions and limitations of our analysis.

Emily King is a research analyst at CHI.