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Arapahoe County

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Population 639,337
Percent of Total CO Population 11.54%
Annual Unemployment Rate 3.30%
Median Household Income $65,359
Health Coverage and the Uninsured
Monthly Medicaid Caseload 137,649
Percent of Total Population Enrolled in Medicaid, Annual 21.90%
Quarterly CHP+ Caseload 5956
Eligible but Not Enrolled (EBNE) Children 9.62%
Eligible but Not Enrolled (EBNE) Adults 24.06%
Uninsured Rate 10.35%
Health Workforce (Actively Licensed)
Dentists 516
Nurse Practitioners 367
Physicians 1998
Physician Assistants 250
Psychologists 289
Registered Nurses 6704
Certified Nurse Aides 5452
Certified Nurse Midwives 33
Clinical Social Workers 456
Dental Hygienists 389
Licensed Practical Nurses 1042
Nursing Home Adminstrators 45
Occupational Therapists 85
Optometrists 112
Pharmacists 710
Physical Therapists 460
Podiatrists 16
Psychiatric Technicians for the Mentally Ill 4
Psychiatric Technicians for the Developmentally Disabled 30
Respiratory Therapists 300
Social Workers 98
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