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Conejos County

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Population 8,309
Percent of Total CO Population 0.15%
Annual Unemployment Rate 5.40%
Median Household Income $33,998
Health Coverage and the Uninsured
Monthly Medicaid Caseload 3,461
Percent of Total Population Enrolled in Medicaid, Annual 41.80%
Quarterly CHP+ Caseload 171
Eligible but Not Enrolled (EBNE) Children 10.99%
Eligible but Not Enrolled (EBNE) Adults 11.01%
Uninsured Rate 11.08%
Health Workforce (Actively Licensed)
Dentists 1
Nurse Practitioners 3
Physicians 5
Physician Assistants 3
Psychologists 0
Registered Nurses 62
Certified Nurse Aides 121
Certified Nurse Midwives 0
Clinical Social Workers 1
Dental Hygienists 2
Licensed Practical Nurses 27
Nursing Home Adminstrators 3
Occupational Therapists 0
Optometrists 1
Pharmacists 8
Physical Therapists 0
Podiatrists 0
Psychiatric Technicians for the Mentally Ill 0
Psychiatric Technicians for the Developmentally Disabled 0
Respiratory Therapists 4
Social Workers 0
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