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Colorado's Medicare Opioid Prescribing Rate Tops National Average

March 1, 2017
Nearly one of 10 (7.4 percent) Medicare prescriptions in Colorado is for opioids — prescription drugs such as codeine and oxycodone, new data from 2014 show. That is 1.7 percentage points higher than the national rate.

Filed in: Community Health

A Molar Mystery: More Coloradans Have Dental Insurance, So Why Aren’t They Using It?

August 25, 2016
One of the most puzzling results of the 2015 Colorado Health Access Survey has to do with the relationship between dental insurance and dental visits.

Filed in: Health Coverage and the Uninsured

Mapping Data A to Z: Zip Code Analysis of the Uninsured

August 12, 2016
In late 2015, CHI released an updated study showing how the geography of health insurance has shifted in Colorado since implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Filed in: Health Coverage and the Uninsured

Rio to Miami to Colorado? Zika is a Moving Target in a Globalized World

August 9, 2016
The Summer Olympics will kick off Friday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it’s a historic time for the Games. This is the first time the Summer Olympic Games will be hosted in a South American city. Another historic element to this year’s Games is the presence of the spreading Zika virus.

Filed in: Community Health

Mapping Data A to Z: You Didn't Get a Needed Appointment Because the Doctor's Office Wasn't Accepting New Patients

August 5, 2016
As the director of finance and administration at the Colorado Health Institute, I am responsible for administering the health insurance plans we offer to our employees. In the summer of 2014, several new employees let me know that they were having a hard time getting an appointment with a primary care doctor.

Filed in: Community Health

Mapping Data A to Z: rX Drugs

August 3, 2016
The percentage of Coloradans who could not afford a prescription is at a six-year low, according to an analysis of Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS) data.

Filed in: Community Health

Mapping Data A to Z: Well-Protected Paying for Health Care Needs

July 28, 2016
Last year, while playing lacrosse for Colorado College, a blow to the throat broke my cartilage in half. I now have a plate in my neck and a different voice, but am otherwise recovered. While the injury was scary, it was nothing compared to the scare I got when I saw the astronomical hospital bill after my surgery.

Filed in: Health Coverage and the Uninsured

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