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Insight & Analysis / Confidence in the Health System is a Blessing Not Everyone Can Count

As we gather for Thanksgiving festivities, we reflect on our blessings, often toasting to good health. But what about those who worry that their health needs may not be addressed?

In some regions of Colorado, one of four people strongly disagree that the health care system meets the needs of their families. The rate is much higher among uninsured Coloradans, with nearly half (47.7 percent) strongly disagreeing that the system works for them.

This map, based on data from the 2013 Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS), shows where confidence in the health system is lowest. In southeast Colorado, the south-central mountains and Adams County (Health Statistics Regions 6, 13 and 14), more than one of four CHAS respondents strongly disagreed that the health care system meets their families’ needs. For comparison, less than 15 percent of respondents said the same in Douglas and Denver counties (Health Statistics Regions 3 and 20).

As the full implementation of health reform and Medicaid expansion take hold more people are getting insurance. The 2015 CHAS will provide an estimate on how much the uninsured rate has declined. The survey will also give an indication of whether reform efforts have changed the percentage of Coloradans who strongly disagree that the health system is able to address their families’ needs.



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