Key Issues

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Key Issues

CHI’s research, data collection, analysis and expertise focus on these six key areas of health and health care policy in Colorado.

Legislation and Policy

The real-time and long-term health policy issues facing Colorado’s lawmakers and other policy makers as they work to improve the health of Coloradans.

Community Health

The efforts by Colorado’s communities to improve the overall health of their residents by addressing such determinants of health as access to care, health delivery systems and the built environment.

Health Coverage and the Uninsured

The impact of being uninsured on health care access, utilization and health outcomes.

Health Care Workforce

The number and status of medical, oral and behavioral health care professionals in Colorado as well as their changing roles under new models of health care.

New Models of Health Care

The transformation of the health care delivery system into a more efficient, more affordable, more sustainable model – focusing on coordinated care, payment reform and other pioneering efforts underway in Colorado.

Safety Net

The network of organizations providing medical, oral and behavioral health care to low-income and vulnerable Coloradans, including the uninsured and underinsured.

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