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Colorado Health Access Survey

February 18, 2017

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The Colorado Health Institute has delved deeply into the findings from the 2015 Colorado Health Access Survey since it was first released in September 2015. This page gathers together that research, including the primary report, interactive maps, a series of Survey Snapshots and ZIP Code-level analyses.

Click the imagine below to view the ABCs of the 2015 CHAS mapping series.




Uneven Progress: Changes in Health Insurance by ZIP Code  


Click the image above to view the interactive map, scroll down for interactive graphics and click here for data on all 21 Health Statistics Regions. 

What is the CHAS?

The Colorado Health Access Survey – the CHAS – is the premier source of information on health insurance coverage, access to health care and use of health care services in Colorado.

More than 10,000 households in the state have been interviewed every other year since 2009, allowing comparisons across a time marked by sweeping changes in health policy.

The 2015 CHAS was a telephone survey – both cell phones and landlines – of 10,136 randomly-selected households in Colorado. It was administered between March 2 and June 26 by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS), an independent research company. Survey data were weighted to accurately reflect the demographics and distribution of the state’s population.

New questions were added to the 2015 survey to help assess the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Colorado, including the launch of Connect for Health Colorado, the online insurance marketplace. 

In-depth CHAS data, including data for all 21 Health Statistics Regions for all four survey years, is available here.

2015 CHAS
Analysis from the 2015 CHAS. 


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2013 CHAS/2014

Analysis from the 2013 CHAS released in 2014.

uninsured MentalHealth  

 kids chas churn 

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CHAS_2013_DenverOuteach  rural health

 zip code report

2013 CHAS/13
Analysis from the 2013 CHAS released in 2013.



2011 CHAS/2013
Analysis from the 2011 CHAS released in 2013.

Colorado's Health Insurance Marketplace: A Profile of Likely Consumers Who Will Buy Insurance in the State's New Marketplace? Measuring the Progress of Health Reform Medicaid Expansion and Newly Eligible Coloradans

Young Invincibles? Medicaid in Colorado: How Enrollees Access and Use Health Care

2011 CHAS/2012
Analysis from the 2011 CHAS released in 2012.

Affordability   Regional Profiles of Uninsured and Underinsured Emergency Department Use   Oral Health Coverage

2011 CHAS/2011
Analysis from the 2011 CHAS released in 2011.

2011 Fact Sheet   2011 Fact Sheet  

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