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Highway to Health: CHI Data and Experts for Your Community

February 28, 2016

We are sitting on mountains of data here at the Colorado Health Institute, and we are going on the road to share it with our fellow Coloradans. Highway to Health is CHI’s ongoing effort to meet people all over Colorado and share our data and analysis. It also gives us a chance to meet people across our big and diverse state and learn what’s happening on the ground.

Sign up below the postcards to request a presentation. 

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Want to know about access to mental health care in Mesa County? We can help with that. How about dental insurance in Lamar? Got it. Emergency department use in Colorado Springs? Underinsurance in Gunnison? Problems getting specialist care in the San Luis Valley? Check, check and check.

Please contact us to schedule an event in your area. CHI experts are available for:

- Town halls for state legislators, county commissioners and other officials.

- Presentations to chambers of commerce, Rotary Clubs and other civic groups.

- Discussions with local public health agencies or other health experts.

- Others

Fill out the request form below, and we’ll get right back to you.

Highway To Health

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Links to slides from our previous presentations:

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Colorado Springs


Fort Collins

Grand Junction

Jefferson County mental health


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