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From Policy to Practice: Colorado’s Health Care Workforce and Safety Net

December 5, 2012

CHI provided this fact sheet/presentation to policymakers and other health care leaders who attended the 2012 Hot Issues in Health Care legislative conference.

Access to medical care contributes to improved health and a reduced need for more costly medical care. Two key aspects of the health care system that help determine if people have access to health care are:

  • The people who provide care – the health care workforce
  • The places where care is provided, including safety net clinics for vulnerable populations.

Workforce issues have a particularly strong impact on what care is available through the safety net.

Not all Coloradans have access to health care. Understanding the state’s health care workforce, as well as who is using the safety net clinics and why, are key to understanding health care access. The Colorado legislature makes decisions that affect the health care workforce and safety net, and thus affect access to health care. 

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