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COHBE Revisited: The Next Steps for Colorado’s Insurance Exchange

December 6, 2012
2013 will bring decisions and actions that will affect many Colorado health care insurance markets, including
the public Exchange. The Colorado Division of Insurance will work on harmonization – reconciliation of
federal and state regulations. This work will focus on market structure, administrative simplifications,
benefits, coverage and preventive services.
Other active areas of discussion in the coming year will be Essential Health Benefits, categories of benefits
that cover more or less of the cost of care, and fluctuating eligibility for different programs due to fluctuations
in income. The role of the legislature on these topics is not yet cle

CHI provided this fact sheet/presentation to policymakers and other health care leaders who attended the 2012 Hot Issues in Health Care legislative conference to update them on the progress of the Colorado Health Benefits Exchange (COHBE). 

Health insurance exchanges are online marketplaces that bring together standardized health care offerings and allow consumers to be involved in selecting their health plan and level of medical spending. In May 2011, the Colorado General Assembly passed Senate Bill 11-200 to establish the Colorado Health Benefits Exchange (COHBE) as a public entity. The implementation phase of COHBE includes both technological implementation and business implementation, spanning activities as varied as developing and testing computer infrastructure, to policy development, outreach, and plan management.

Exchanges - both private and public - will affect many Coloradans. Together, exchanges and health reform will change how employers and employees buy health insurance. There will be a significant learning curve for all involved as these changes take effect and new options become available.

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