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October 18, 2016

Colorado has a crowded 2016 ballot, and many of the questions address health policy issues.

The Colorado Health Institute has conducted research into three topics on the state's 2016 ballot: Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare), Amendment 72 (tobacco taxes) and Proposition 106 (aid in dying). CHI's reports can help voters understand the issues at a deeper level than they get from television ads. As an independent and nonpartisan research institute, we do not advocate for or against any ballot initiative.
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Amendment 69 – ColoradoCare

 ColoradoCare would create a taxpayer-funded system of universal health coverage for the state. CHI has published a three-part series on several aspects of ColoradoCare — an overview, a financial analysis and a look at the proposed system's governance and power structure. 


Amendment 72 – Tobacco Taxes

Amendment 72 would raise the state's tobacco tax by $1.75 on a pack of cigarettes. The anticipated $315 million in revenue would fund a variety of health, education and social services programs. CHI has analyzed the proposed tax to see which Coloradans it would affect most and whether it could accomplish its stated goal of reducing tobacco use.


 Proposition 106 – Aid in Dying

Proposition 106 seeks to give some terminally ill Coloradans the right to obtain medical assistance to end their lives. CHI analyzed bills in the 2016 legislature that were very similar to Proposition 106.


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