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The 2012 Election and Health Care Implications for Colorado

November 7, 2012

After years of campaigning, months of political advertisements and nearly $6 billion spent, the 2012 election is now behind us. With clarity on the presidential winner, attention turns to what the election will mean for Colorado and the nation. 

CHI anticipates that the next few months will be characterized by a flood of activity as Colorado - and states across the country - turn their focus to implementation of the national health law. In the ACA, the federal government provided the “what,” but it’s up to Colorado to figure out the “how.” 

This publication lists the six most pressing health care policy questions facing the state, post-election.  Just a couple of them: What will an expected “cascade of decisions” mean for Colorado health care projects? How did a shifting demographic impact the presidential race, and what does that mean for health policy in the future?

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