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Colorado Access to Care Index

September 15, 2016

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The ability of Coloradans to access health care improved a bit in 2015, according to the Colorado Access to Care Index. The index score increased to 7.8 in 2015 from 7.7 in 2013, both out of a possible 10 points, showing that access to care is trending upward and that some disparities based on income are narrowing.

The index is designed to measure whether the historic drop in uninsured Coloradans is translating into a change in their ability to access health care. It is a joint project of the Colorado Health Institute and the Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved.

The index will help communities across Colorado better understand access to care challenges and will guide conversations about how to address them. Each region as well as the state has  an overall score from one to 10 based on their scores in each of the three components of access — Potential Access, Barriers to Care and Realized Access. There are also scores by income and ethnicity.

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Geographic disparities remain consistent, with Coloradans in rural areas of the state having more limited access to care than those in urban areas. There are also notable disparities by ethnicity and income, although the gap access-to-care by income has narrowed a bit.

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