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Health Words 2015

December 15, 2014

What is an Arveschoug-Bird? How do you clawback, exactly? And remember when people were uninsurable? Working to compile this fifth edition of HealthWords, we were reminded how much and how fast the world of health and health policy changes.

Those words from the 2009 edition are not included in this 2015 edition. But integrated care, for example, is now featured.

The Colorado Health Institute is proud to present HealthWords 2015. It is intended to help navigate the terms and, as is often the case, the acronyms that fill many conversations about health policy. We know that it’s hard to keep up. And it is our hope that the words we use are never a barrier to entering the conversation for anyone who has good ideas about how to ensure that Coloradans are as healthy as possible.

Staff members compiled these definitions with an assist from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, local and national experts, and other sources. Our definitions are intended to be clear, but they are not a comprehensive source for a topic.

And speaking of change. For the first time, HealthWords 2015 is available on the Colorado Health Institute mobile app.

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