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New Approaches to Paying for Health Care

July 25, 2012

The Colorado Health Institute (CHI) and the Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC) collaborated on a report that examines strategies to reform the health care payment system, shows how the new models are being used in Colorado and discusses their potential impact on improving quality and controlling costs.

The report, “New Approaches to Paying for Health Care: Implications for Quality Improvement and Cost Containment in Colorado,” documents the role that the traditional fee-for-service payment model plays in rising health care costs and the potential that different payment approaches hold for changing that dynamic.

The report is designed to help policy makers, industry leaders and other stakeholders make informed decisions as they contemplate alternative health care payment approaches.

The white paper by CIVHC and CHI:

  • Outlines the reforms targeting the fee-for-service payment system;
  • Updates the efforts in Colorado’s public and private sectors to deploy and test new models;
  • Explains each new model, including graphic depictions;
  • Provides the available research on the effectiveness of each model;
  • Offers options to advance payment reform in Colorado.
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