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Colorado's Health Care Safety Net

August 23, 2016

Over the past five years, Colorado has witnessed many innovative efforts to transform the practice of primary care in order to improve quality, enhance patient health, and reduce costs. CHI's latest issue brief — included with the 2016 Safety Net Primer — offers a look at practice transformation among Colorado’s safety net clinics.

Health Care Safety Net Primer (2016 update):

2015 Primer

Colorado’s health care safety net, the network of clinics and providers that care for the most vulnerable residents, is growing and changing. To better understand the changes in Colorado’s health care safety net, it is necessary to understand its structure.

The Safety Net Primer (available at right) explains the elements of the state’s health care safety net, who uses its services, and how the system is funded.

The Colorado Health Institute regularly convenes Safety Net Advisory Committee (SNAC) Learning Labs to discuss.  More information on those, and a summary of presentations and recent discussions, are available here.

2015 Materials

Without a Net:Understanding the Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Colorado's Oral Health Safety Net 

oral health funder

Medicaid Expansion and the Safety Net (2015):

safety net four pager

2014 Materials


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