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Data from CHI’s report, Mental Health in Colorado’s LGBTQ+ Communities, was cited by journalist Leigh Paterson in this KUNC article about the difficulties parents of LGBTQ+ kids have finding appropriate, affordable mental health providers in Northern Colorado.
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Becoming a Lactation Friendly Workplace not only showcases a commitment to supporting families but also helps parents achieve their breastfeeding goals while cultivating a positive, family-friendly image for businesses in the community.

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As a first-generation Mexican American, I grew up navigating the emotional, psychological, and sometimes physical distresses of my family’s relocation to a new country to seek better opportunities. I faced challenges such as language barriers, racism, and economic hardships. An aspect I didn't frequently consider, but in hindsight, could have significantly impacted my life, was the availability of mental health services tailored to my cultural needs.
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Artificial intelligence has vaulted out of science fiction and into our current reality. Learn why AI is likely to thrive in health care — and what that could mean for equity, community power, and privacy.
Extreme heat takes a toll on health. Healthy Air and Water Colorado is a member of CHI's Acclimate Action Team that is championing right-to-cool policy options in Denver.
The conclusion of grant funding for the Advancing Breastfeeding in Colorado (ABC) project gives us an opportunity to reflect and celebrate with our partners. 
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In Colorado, the local ballot plays a pivotal role in shaping laws, with a multitude of annual ballot questions significantly influencing the well-being of the community. This engaging discussion focuses on harnessing the power of the local ballot and other local government tactics to improve health and overall welfare, featuring guest panelists from the Colorado Health Foundation, Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN), and Larimer County.
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