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Social Determinants of Health

Helping To Build a More Equitable, Healthier Colorado
Published: May 13, 2021 | Updated: August 11, 2022

Our health is affected by so much more than what happens in the doctor’s office.

A complex web of factors, including economic status, access to food, housing, employment, environment, child care, and education, shapes the health of individuals and communities. We bring our analytic, place-based approach to examining the policies, practices, and trends affecting these social factors. We work with partners across the state to identify disparities and challenges that need to be addressed and to develop strategies and approaches that are helping to build a more equitable, healthier Colorado.

What We Can Do

  • Policy analysis
  • Needs assessments
  • Strategic planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Outcomes-based facilitation

sara schmittWork With Us

Sara Schmitt, Interim President & CEO


Recent Clients

  • Colorado Trust Health Equity Advocacy Cohort
  • Colorado Office of Early Childhood
  • The Denver Foundation

Our Work


Colorado Health Access Survey 2021

Navigating Uncharted Waters: The Pandemic, Health, Coverage, and Care in Colorado


The Anti-Hunger Community Toolkit

Assessing and Advocating for Your Local Food System


Generation Debt

Affordable Health Care Eludes Millennials


Global Issue, Local Risk

CHI’s Health and Climate Index Identifies Colorado’s Most Vulnerable Regions


Making a Home for Health

Supporting Health by Putting Housing First


Colorado Shines Brighter

Opportunities for Colorado’s Early Childhood System


An Uneven Burden: Food Insecurity in Colorado

By Promoting Equitable Access to Affordable, Nutritious Food, Policymakers and Community Leaders Have the Power to Advance Health Equity in Colorado


Home Equity: A Vision of Housing Security, Health and Opportunity

A Rapid Increase in Housing Prices is Straining Many Colorado Households

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