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Marketplace Competition Makes for Modest Increases

The Colorado Health Institute analysis of the 2015 health insurance rates approved by the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI). read more

A MAGI Primer: Understanding New Income Eligibility Rules for Colorado's Public Insurance Programs

It’s not magic, it’s MAGI. The federal government’s new modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) standard might seem like it was conjured out of thin air, but after reading our primer, you’ll be a certified MAGI magician. read more

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ACC Consumer Survey

The Colorado Health Institute released findings from the first consumer experience survey of Medicaid clients participating in the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC), the state’s signature project to reform the delivery of primary health care, on August 28, 2014. read more

Long-Term Services and Supports in Colorado: Piecing Together the Puzzle

CHI pieced together a ground-level view of Colorado's long-term services and supports (LTSS) system, illustrating how confusing and frustrating it can be to navigate. Understanding the system is the first step in the process for state leaders to make it more efficient and effective. read more

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Colorado's Health Care Safety Net

Colorado’s health care safety net, the network of clinics and providers that care for the most vulnerable residents, is growing and changing. To better understand the changes in Colorado’s health care safety net, it is necessary to understand its structure. read more


The Colorado Health Institute and its Safety Net Advisory Committee (SNAC) are engaged in a learning laboratory called SNAC Labs. The work is focused on Medicaid's Accountable Care Collaborative pilot program in Colorado and its potential as a transformative model of health care,… read more

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Reaching Our Peak: Creating a Healthier Colorado

This Colorado Health Institute project is an annual analysis of the impact of policies, programs and politics on statewide efforts designed to make Colorado a healthier state. read more

Legal Marijuana in Colorado

This brief by the Colorado Health Institute examines the policy decisions and regulatory framework created by Colorado for the legalized marijuana industry, which was launched in the state on January 1, 2014. read more

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'Herculean' Task Confronts Cost Commission

The Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care will spend three years studying and recommending ways to reduce health care costs. We will follow the commission in detail, producing an issue of our new publication, Policy Examiner, after each meeting. read more

2014 Legislation in Review

In our annual review of health care policy legislation, the Colorado Health Institute reports that 2014 was a year for building on the state and federal health care policy changes of the past few years. read more

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Colorado's Primary Care Workforce: A Study of Regional Disparities

This Colorado Health Institute study analyzed the primary care workforce and compared it across regions. The study found wide variations in workforce capacity across Colorado. read more

From Policy to Practice: Colorado’s Health Care Workforce and Safety Net

Access to medical care contributes to improved health and a reduced need for more costly medical care. The health care workforce and the safety net are two key aspects of the health care system that help determine if people have access to care. read more

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County Profiles

The Colorado Health Institute's Data Repository offers two options for county-level health data. A quick health profile - available by rolling over the individual county – gives a glimpse of population, household income, health insurance status and Medicaid and CHP+ enrollment. To delve deeper, click on the county to download spreadsheets with detailed demographic, health coverage and workforce data.

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