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About Us

CHI believes that good health policy leads to a healthier Colorado. Every day we bring research, insight, and expertise to leaders across the state because informed decisions lead to better health for all.

CHI was founded in 2002 to fill a need for nonpartisan, independent data and evidenced-based analysis to support decision-makers. As Colorado’s health policy landscape has changed, CHI has grown to meet the challenge. Today, we provide not just analysis and data, but strategic planning, facilitation, complex modeling, evaluation, and strategic communication. We serve as a trusted and independent source of the information, analysis, and expertise that lead to sound health policy decisions. By doing so, we improve the health of all Coloradans.

Our clients are state agencies, philanthropies, health systems, and community partners, and our work embodies both health and health-adjacent fields, such as early childhood education research. Meanwhile, we continue to be supported by philanthropic organizations who share our mission of advancing health and health equity through mission-driven community benefit work.

Our Mission and Vision

We improve the health of all Coloradans through independent research, analysis, and insight that advance sound policies and decisions. 

Our Nonpartisan Ethic

CHI does not lobby in any way. We do not endorse bills, ballot initiatives, or candidates.

We will offer our best analysis of the evidence for any topic we examine, and we help decision-makers think through their plans to craft the best policy possible.

Our Invitation: Use Our Work

Please feel free to use any data, charts, graphics, or research from our website, with credit to the Colorado Health Institute. As a public benefit nonprofit, we work to help all Coloradans understand the evidence about health policy. The more you use our work, the more successful we are.

If you find our work useful, please let us know. And if you can’t find what you need, let us know that, too.

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