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American Rescue Plan Act Financial Map Details More Than $9 Billion in Federal Aid

Press Release


Today, the Colorado Health Institute is releasing an interactive graphic that tracks more than $9 billion in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to the programs that ultimately will use it, including state agencies, cities and counties, school districts, transportation authorities, and safety net clinics.

The interactive financial map builds on a map that CHI created in 2021.

ARPA brought a wave of federal funding to state and local governments that many policymakers described as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Fifteen months later, policymakers have decided what to do with much of the funding.

"ARPA funding might not be top-of-mind for a lot of people right now, but it's an unprecedented amount for the state, cities, counties, and schools. A lot of the money is just starting to be put to use, and the impacts are going to be felt in health and social policy in Colorado for many years to come," said Communications Director Joe Hanel, who helped assemble the financial map.

Reporters can use the financial map to trace spending on individual programs, see spending decisions in the context of the whole, and track down links that supply more details.

Review the map.


Joe Hanel, Communications Director, or 720.382.7093

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