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Our Skills

The Colorado Health Institute team brings the skills and experience to execute your project. We are grounded in solid research and data, and we work closely with clients to identify meaningful actions they can take to improve health and well-being for the people who depend on them.

Data, Research, and Analysis

Reliable data, research, and analysis is the basis of all our work. We know where to find information and how to make sense of it. Whether it’s census data, insurance claims databases, or obscure specialized research, we are a one-stop shop for all the health data and analysis you need. 

Strategic Planning

There’s a world of difference between a good idea and a strategy. CHI can help bridge that gap. We understand the policy landscape in Colorado and the varied needs of its residents, and we have helped organizations large and small set their course for a healthier future — and then implement their strategies.

Outcomes-Based Facilitation

CHI excels at helping diverse, multisector groups reach agreement about substantive issues. No matter the size or type of group, we make sure participants leave the room with a plan for action.

Financial Modeling and Mapping

Our quantitative analysts can build evidence-based models to project the costs and benefits of proposed programs and assign a monetary value to the work our partners do. We can map complex public and private funding systems and identify overlaps and gaps.

Program Management

Whether it’s a short deadline or a multi-year initiative, CHI’s program managers know how to meet milestones without losing sight of the ultimate goal.

Needs Assessment

CHI analysts are adept at discovering the short-term and long-term needs of health programs and helping leaders think through their top-priority needs. We draw on the best available data and interviews or focus groups with program staff and their stakeholders.


Our skilled evaluators know how to ask and answer the right questions to produce an evaluation that helps you learn, improve, scale up — and make your case to funders.

Communication and Visualization

Clear writing and elegant design distinguish CHI products. Our in-house graphic artists and GIS experts can turn your data into pictures worth a thousand spreadsheets.

Community Health Needs Assessments

State and federal regulations require health systems to assess the needs of their communities periodically, and CHI has significant experience in creating these reports. We know the relevant data for communities across Colorado, and we know how to blend the numbers with the observations of community members to create a report that helps health systems advance their work of improving health for their communities.

  • Sample Projects: Estes Park Health  |  San Luis Valley Health  |  Centura Health  |  SCL Health
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