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State of Reform interviewed Karam Ahmad, Director and lead of Acclimate Colorado, for this March 3 story about proposed climate change legislation and the ongoing impacts of climate change on health. 

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The Colorado Health Institute is introducing Colorado’s Health and Climate Policy Agenda to drive policy changes that will help Colorado communities become more resilient in the face of climate change, and to improve health equity for the people most profoundly — and unfairly — affected by climate change.

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Nicole Weber, senior program manager, was interviewed for a February 8 Kaiser Health News/Denver Post story about the successes of the Metro Denver Partnership for Health (MDPH) ambassador programs.
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Director Karam Ahmad was quoted in this 5280 guide to the health impacts of climate change and how to adapt. “A lot of conversations in the climate policy space in Colorado over the last few years have been centered around, ‘We need data, we need data.’… And I think there’s been a shift recently to, ‘OK, we know this is happening,’” he told reporter Meredith Sell.
Press Release
Colorado health leaders will gather to explore the issues critical to Colorado’s health care future on December 9 at the Colorado Health Institute’s Hot Issues in Health conference. The event will bring together policymakers — including Gov. Jared Polis — community health advocates, nonprofit organizations, providers, insurers, and other problem-solvers from all corners of the state to share ideas and advance the issues that will drive health policy in 2023. 
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A November 23 State of Reform article about the response to the Club Q nightclub shooting in Colorado Springs quoted data from the 2021 Colorado Health Access Survey published earlier this year: Mental Health in Colorado’s LGBTQ+ Communities.
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For a November 22 news segment, CBS Colorado quoted data from the 2021 Colorado Health Access Survey showing that of Coloradans who said they needed substance use treatment but did not get it (80,000 people), 77% said it was because of stigma.

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An October 13 article on the State of Reform website highlighted data from the 2021 Colorado Health Access Survey that was published in CHI’s report, Racial Discrimination and Access to Care in Colorado. Both the report and the article discuss the need to address racial discrimination in the health care system. 

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