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Behavioral Health

Minding What Matters
Published: May 13, 2021 | Updated: March 6, 2023

We can’t talk seriously about health without considering mental health and substance use disorders.

CHI engages in efforts to improve the behavioral health system, from assessing needs for substance use prevention and recovery, to evaluating programs pairing police and behavioral health providers, to studying access to mental health care and the impact of current investments. The Colorado Health Access Survey offers insight into mental health and substance use access and trends across the state. We work with organizations that aim to improve behavioral health care and access for all Coloradans.

What We Can Do

CHI has deep and diverse experience in behavioral health work.

  • Needs assessments
  • Strategic planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Outcomes-based facilitation
  • Financial modeling


Watch a Presentation from Hot Issues in Health 2022

With special guests Dr. Morgan Medlock, Commissioner, Behavioral Health Administration, and Dr. Leslie Brooks, Chief Medical Officer, SummitStone Health Partners.

It's Not Just COVID: A Social Justice Lens on the Mental Health Crisis

Our Work


Reaching Kids Before the Crisis

Leveraging Universal School-Based Mental Health Screenings


Mental Health in Colorado's LGBTQ+ Communities

Colorado Leads in Legal Protections, but the State Needs LGBTQ-Competent Providers


A Parallel Epidemic: More Overdose Deaths in 2020, Fentanyl Fatalities Spike

CHI’s most up-to-date analysis highlights changes in overdose rates in Colorado


Stigma and Systemic Barriers

Why Mental Health Care Is Not the Same for Everyone


Resilience and Protective Factors

Avenues to Improving Mental Health and Reducing Health Disparities


The Value of Partnership

How Colorado’s Co-Responder Programs Enhance Access to Behavioral Health Care


Root Causes: Explore What Affects Mental Health in Colorado

Tracing how social and economic life in Colorado communities affects mental health


Suicide in Colorado

Complex Issues in a Diverse State


Colorado’s Statewide Strategic Plan for Substance Use Disorder Recovery: 2020-2025

Colorado now has a strategic plan to reorient systems, clinical care, and communities to promote substance use disorder recovery.

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